Lord of Ashes card

Photo Credit Moonlighthunter111

His ability to command death itself makes the Lord of Ashes one of the underworld's most terrifying soldiers.

Card/Unit StatsEdit

  • Rarity: Epic
  • Faction: Hellspawn
  • Unit Type: Hero
  • Casting Cost: 42 Mana
    • Off-Faction Casting cost: 56
  • HP: 320
  • Accuracy: 80
  • Damage: 60
  • Speed: 194
  • Row: 2
  • Properties: Damage Aura 15, Defender 10.
  • Special Attack: Doom
    • Recharge time: 2 rounds
    • Action point Cost: 10
    • Effect: Target is doomed to die after 3 rounds
  • Special Attack: Smite
    • Recharge time: 3 rounds
    • Action point cost: 20
    • Effect: Deal 50-100 damage to target.


When Doom targets an enemy, they will die exactly 3 rounds after the turn this special was used (e.g if Doom is used in round 3, the doomed unit will die in round 6). A doomed enemy will still die even if the targeting Lord of Ashes is killed before or on the turn that Doom is resolved. The only way to escape its effect is to end combat before the resolving round, either by retreat or killing all opposing units.