Rakyl the Claw

This sly and ambitious warrior is as determined as he is deadly.

Rakyl the Claw is the starter herald for the Flameborn decks, and is available to be bought for 1000 essence in the shop; however, you are only allowed to BUY one Rakyl the Claw. Owning any extra Rakyls comes from finding the card in a bought pack or winning it in a match.

Rakyl was once a much, much stronger card, and a more frightening force to be reckoned with. His special used to be deal 35 damage to target unit; Rakyl does double damage next round.

Card/Unit StatsEdit

  • Rarity: Rare
  • Faction: Flameborn
  • Unit Type: Herald
  • Casting Cost: 40 Mana
    • Off-Faction Casting cost: 49
  • HP: 290
  • Accuracy: 85
  • Damage: 45
  • Speed: 422
  • Row: 2
  • Properties: Scout 20
  • Special Attack: Rage Strike
    • Recharge time: 1 round
    • Action point Cost: 30
    • Effect: Attack target unit. It has a 50% chance of causing a stun.